Friday, March 12, 2010

Setting Up

While not new to the blogging stratosphere... this one is a new venture.  I have been inspired lately by some of the other "craft only" blogs that I have been reading and commenting on.  With that being said, I thought that maybe, just maybe I could get a few followers over to my corner of the web... and maybe, dare I hope, drum up some new sales on Etsy?

However, one of my main goals here is to have some, wait for it... FREE PATTERNS!  I love finding freebies, using freebies... I'm not the best at coming up with them, mainly because I forget to write them down, but I do try, and I have made some really cool stuff.

The other thing is that I wanted to have a blog for crafty stuff that was separate from my personal stuff... don't get me wrong, they do spill over, but when I want to rant and rave about my bank, or my car, I wanted to have that on a different page!

Going, going, going.  I have a few patterns I am ready to put up, but I don't have images for them just yet.  I hope to hear from others, I love comments and feedback!

Thanks for visiting, and come back again soon!

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