Thursday, July 22, 2010

Conversion of Flat patterns to "In the Round"

Yesterday I wrote about how I am horrible at writing patterns.  Like really bad.  So, I thought to myself, perhaps I shall find one that I can convert first, and try my hand at that.  After researching a little bit, I found that the "wrong side" row needs to be opposite of what it is on a flat pattern... so if the wrong side row is k1, p1, in the round it would be p1, k1.  Makes sense when I say it... but applying it is another matter.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to chart it out before I actually try to do it...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Writing My Own...

One of the things that I am becoming increasingly frustrated with is my inability to write my own patterns.  I can modify other people's patterns, I can figure out (easily, I might add) how to alter the weight and needle size to figure out a smaller or larger size.  However, for whatever reason, I have a serious problem writing my own.  I can take a lace pattern that I've found in a book and turn it into armwarmers or a scarf or placemats or something like that, but I don't necessarily consider that "making my own pattern". 

I have a feeling that this is going to become increasingly irritating and I think I'm going to have to find a book about it.  However, should anyone come across this that has any suggestions, or a good reference book, PLEASE let me know.  I would be very grateful!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cool New Stuff!

Alright, so it's been a bit since I've written, and it is because I've been working on these:

Totally cool, right?  They are needle stoppers made from corks that I have collected and decided, "Hey.  This would work!"  I went looking for stoppers after my youngest pulled one too many projects from my needles and I was ready to... well, you know.  Scream.  Yeah, scream.  :) 

I have about ten sets of ten stoppers available on the Etsy site in different fonts and different papers.  They're sealed on the ends and use either real cork or the synthetic variety.  Check 'em out by clicking here, or you can also use the link in the upper right corner of the blog!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Cables... Part 2

HOLY COW!!!!  I DID IT!!!!  Alright, for someone that is kind of a grammar freak, that was a little excessive.  But, I'm really excited!  I finished my very first cabled hat!  And it turned out right!  And I love it!  It is a SWEET shade of dark orange, done in Patons Classic wool, and it's fantastic.  I'm making my Christmas lists early this year, and I can think of about six people who are going to get this identical hat.  :)  I did also find another pattern that is a little more "guy friendly", with a few fewer cables that will go out to a few different gentlemen that I know.  That pattern will probably go up on the Etsy site, whereas this one has a disclaimer that it isn't for commercial use... sadsies. 

I wish I was better at patterns, I'm just not, so it puts me in a quandary when I'm looking for patterns that I can use to make saleable goods. Oh well, back to the excitement!!  Here is another pic!


So, at first, I was scared of cables.  It seems as though I am a fan of self doubt, because every time I put off trying something new, as soon as I do it, I say to myself, "hmm.  That wasn't really that bad.  At All."  Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

My first attempt at a cable project was this totally awesome little bib, that I wound up making in several colors for a friend of mine in Virginia.  We were friends when we were six and seven years old and reconnected through Facebook.  (Thanks, guys!) I did these in a few unisex shades, because I think baby blue is boring.  Even if it is for a little boy!  I also figured that she was going to have more than enough newborn goodies to start out with, and I wanted to make something that would be good for a time down the road.

I like how the colorway pooled on the multi-colored one, and how it doesn't necessarily detract from the cable.  Granted, it is easier to see the cable on the solids, but I wanted to do a variety. 
The next project that I've started involves practicing cables.  Lots and Lots of cables.  I'm thinking this winter's collection is going to be involving almost all cables.  :)  Now that I've found a new skill, we'll see how it goes.  I have half of the first hat done... not only involving cables, but also circular needles.  I think I might have a death wish!  This one is done in a simple burnt orange wool, and I'm looking forward to having pics up soon.

Next up: (well, when I get tired of the cables, anyway) SOCKS!  I've been looking at some patterns, and they seem rather daunting.  I think I just have to pick up the DPN's and just dive in.  I can always undo it and start over, right?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another freebie...

This pattern is listed in various places, in about a million different ways, but, because I'm a fan of sharing freebies... here goes...

Simple Dishcloth with Eyelet Border

Size 7 or 8 needles
Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K2, YO, knit rest of row.
Row 3 on: Repeat Row 2 until desired size.  I've found that 40 sts is a good in-between size
Decrease Rows:
Row 1: K2, YO, K2tog, K2tog, K rest of row.
Row 2: Repeat Row 1
Row 3: Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until there are 4 sts remaining.  (This can be varied... if it starts to look too "pointy" on the end, BO sooner)
BO, weave in ends.

I've found that the Sugar n' Cream, while it works great for these, has a tendancy to bleed.  A lot.  So if you give them as gifts in a color other than natural or white, warn the recipient to soak it in cold salt water to prevent bleeding.  :)