Friday, July 2, 2010

Cables... Part 2

HOLY COW!!!!  I DID IT!!!!  Alright, for someone that is kind of a grammar freak, that was a little excessive.  But, I'm really excited!  I finished my very first cabled hat!  And it turned out right!  And I love it!  It is a SWEET shade of dark orange, done in Patons Classic wool, and it's fantastic.  I'm making my Christmas lists early this year, and I can think of about six people who are going to get this identical hat.  :)  I did also find another pattern that is a little more "guy friendly", with a few fewer cables that will go out to a few different gentlemen that I know.  That pattern will probably go up on the Etsy site, whereas this one has a disclaimer that it isn't for commercial use... sadsies. 

I wish I was better at patterns, I'm just not, so it puts me in a quandary when I'm looking for patterns that I can use to make saleable goods. Oh well, back to the excitement!!  Here is another pic!

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