Monday, March 22, 2010

Sack o' Suds Pattern

Alrighty... so a few years ago, my oldest son wanted to wash himself in the bath.  Weeeeeeell, at the time, Johnson's (I think) had a product out that was a bar of watermelon soap inside a mesh little bag and you used it until the soap was gone...  while the idea was great, I didn't necessarily like the idea of throwing away the mesh bag, which was made of a type of plastic.

Instead, I came up with this...

To make this, you will need:
100% Cotton yarn, you can use Sugar n Cream, but I prefer Cotton Tots from Bernat or one of the cotton yarns from Rowan. (1 ball or skein will make several)
Size 4 (US) needles
1 Yarn/Tapestry needle

CO 13
R1 - work in Garter stitch
R2 - *K1, P1* for the entire row
R3 - Work in Moss stitch (Purl the knit stitches, Knit the purl stitches)
Continue with Moss stitch until the piece reaches about 10 inches.
Fold bottom of piece up to 2in below top, then fold top 2 inches back down toward the bottom.  This will make the overflap that keeps the soap in the pocket.  Simply whipstitch the sides together - the top you will be sewing through 3 layers, the bottom, 2 layers.  Fold the flap back, pop your favorite bar of soap in there, and you - or your kids - will be good to go!  This is also great for someone with arthritis who prefers bar soap, but has a hard time holding on to it.

After consulting with a few people, I added a hand strap for ease of use... To make this addition:
CO 15
Garter stitch (K every row) until piece measures approximately 1"
Attach to sides of bag as you are stitching


  1. Hi!
    This is a great item. Thanks so much for making it a freebie!
    Is that a little label/tag I see on the strap? I'd love to get some of those to put on my washcloths and scrubbies that I give as gifts. Where'd you get yours?
    Have a Happy New Year!
    "alleysally" on Ravelry

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I actually make all of my own tags/lables with some inexpensive white fabric (I think it's $1.99 a yard on sale) and some iron on transfer paper! Maybe I should do a blog post about that! :)

  3. Isn't Moss Stitch actually knit the purls, purl the knits? If you k1, p1 on one row, and then knit the knits and purl the purls, you get 1x1 ribbing.

  4. Its fixed... Sometimes my brain does things backwards :) I have, however, done several of these using other stitch patterns (including 1x1 ribbing) and they work just as well. Its a great way to try a new stitch pattern, yet still have a usable product at the end! :)

  5. I'm just knitting my first Sack o' Suds bag. Thanks for the pattern. I think it is going to be great at our house for all the little bits of soap left at the end of the bars that nobody seems to want to use. I can just pop it in with a new bar .....that is after I get all the little bits used up :)
    by putting several in to-gether.....that I have been saving.


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