Friday, October 22, 2010

Where Have I been? Sheesh...

I know that all six of you wait with baited breath for each new blog post that I write, but it helps clear my head and gives my fingers a different type of exercise than what they get from playing with needles and yarn.  :)

So.  What have I been up to lately?  Well.... I met with the lovely Kate Sprouse, owner of the sugaring shop, Sugar Me  in Northeast Portland and she decided to include some of my items in her super cool shop.  Let's get down to basics before we talk about the yarn...

What on earth is sugaring?  Well, think waxing, but without the super hot wax or chemicals.  Anything that can be waxed can be sugared, and well, I would think that it would also be slightly less painful.  Also, on the upside, sugaring doesn't require the length of hair growth that waxing does either.  Cool, right?

Located in the super cool neighborhood in Portland, don't be thrown off by the "NE Portland" address.  Near Acadia Bistro, as well as Caffe Destino, New Seasons, a Starbucks and various others, Sugar Me fits in well with it's surroundings.  The community feeling of the area also seems to be working for Kate, who had said that the local merchants and businesses are all very supportive of each other.  (Some of you MAY remember this particular area as having been home to the original Peanut Butter & Ellie's, back in the day... okay, it wasn't really that long ago, but they did close, sadly.)

Back to the yarn... once the girlies over at Sugar Me get everything set up how they want, hopefully (you hear that Kate?!?!?! :) ) I will get some pics of my stuff in the shop, but included in the order were six sets of armwarmers in three different designs, six cowls/neckwraps in three different designs, some coffee wraps, a bunch of washcloth soapy bags, as well as some fun little freebies for the sugaring queens.  :)  Multiple colors, sizes, and styles give a great selection and compliment the already existing products of soaps, lotions, and various jewelery.

Never been sugared?  Give 'em a call and try it out!  Also, if you tell me that you went, and can tell me the name of the other girl who works there (Not Kate or Katie - nice try!) I will give you a discount on any Etsy purchase!