Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crocheting for Clients, Part 1

I'm a newbie to the world of crochet, I'm not going to lie.  One of the things that I LOOOOOOVE (and I'm sure I've said this many times) is how quickly things work up. So, when a repeat client wanted hats for her daughters, I suggested that I crochet them instead of knitting them.  It would go faster, and it would also be a great break for my hands too.

This was an original customization (if that makes any sense at all) of a hat pattern from Lion Brand.  I took the basic pattern for the Worms in the Grass hat, added earflaps and also kitty ears - two triangles, one brown and one pink, as well as a bow to distinguish the two hats from each other.  This is how they came out...

Delilah sporting her new hat and foldover mitts...
I think for a pattern I created off the top of my head, they came out pretty darn cute!!  The cute kid modeling them doesn't hurt matters either... :)  If you're interested in the pattern that I used, leave a comment below and I will write up the mods that I made to the Lion Brand pattern. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming projects...

After a month of custom work, and prepping for a craft show, I'm ready to do something for ME!!!  I have about 6 different projects planned including:

- Montague Bulky Lace Vest from New England Knits - Rowan Big Wool and a Bulky Baby Alpaca for the front edging

- Cascade Yarns Boat Neck pullover (I'm cheating and using Blue Moon Laci because I have a TON left from last year's barn sale

- 'Nutkin' socks using Indigo Dragonfly's 'Captain Tightpants' colorway

- 'Snicket' socks using Knitted Wit's 'Bling' in a super bright yellow

- 'Tardis' socks using Miss Babs' fingering in a perfect shade of blue

- and I'm looking for a new cardi pattern to use for the Eco Duo I'm going to go get at Happy Knits this week...

Too much knitting, not enough time!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Go Little Sewing Machine GO!

Handpainted Asian, Seersucker Floral
Ikea Stripe

Those that know me are familiar with the saga of my sewing machine.  It's an older (I got it from my mom when she upgraded) model Singer.  Nothing crazy, just a simple little machine.  It doesn't do embroidery, require computer skills, or codes, or programming.  It sews in straight lines unless you move the fabric differently.  I like it.

Unfortunately, when I took it in recently for a tune up... they found that one of the gears (or something...) was cracked.  It was going to cost over $300 to fix the poor little dude.  It's only worth about $150.  So, it works with the needle all the way over in the right position - for now.  Consequently, that is how I've been using it.

Superman, 'Donna's View from the TARDIS',
French Countryside, Bright Floral

I have a craft fair coming up the first weekend of November (more on that in another post) and with all of the knitting and crocheting I've been doing for custom orders... my hands have been killing me.  I needed a day off, I had a ton of random fabric and toggle thingamabobs laying around, so I decided to make some project bags to peddle at the fair along with my other knitting notions that I have.  I like making notions (like stitch markers, end stoppers, etc.) because they provide a maximum return on the time invested.  All of my fabric is either left over from other projects, or purchased from SCRAP.  All of the toggles and cording (ok, they are really skinny shoelaces) are also from SCRAP.

(This is the new little gal I want... isn't she cute?!?!)
Yesterday, I cut out and ironed around 50 project bags (this also includes the little guys for the endstoppers, which come in their own little bag for the set).  By the time I finished last night, I had 39 of them sewn.  On a broken little machine.  It is a great little machine, and I will be sad to see it retired.  However, I am REALLY hoping to make enough at this craft fair to buy a new little Bernette from Modern Domestic, here in Portland. 


Aqua Print, Orange Blossoms,
Swirls and Butterflies, Leafy

So for my social media pals... here are some pictures.  If you see one or two that you like, let me know and I can create a custom listing on Etsy for you, or set them aside for you to pick up at the show.  Each pattern is available in multiple sizes.  Little bags are going to be $3, medium bags $5, and large bags $8.  (I have the fewest of the large bags, but a ton of the small and medium sizes)