Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Upcoming projects...

After a month of custom work, and prepping for a craft show, I'm ready to do something for ME!!!  I have about 6 different projects planned including:

- Montague Bulky Lace Vest from New England Knits - Rowan Big Wool and a Bulky Baby Alpaca for the front edging

- Cascade Yarns Boat Neck pullover (I'm cheating and using Blue Moon Laci because I have a TON left from last year's barn sale

- 'Nutkin' socks using Indigo Dragonfly's 'Captain Tightpants' colorway

- 'Snicket' socks using Knitted Wit's 'Bling' in a super bright yellow

- 'Tardis' socks using Miss Babs' fingering in a perfect shade of blue

- and I'm looking for a new cardi pattern to use for the Eco Duo I'm going to go get at Happy Knits this week...

Too much knitting, not enough time!!

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