Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hey there...I'm back! (With a free pattern!)

I could say "Oh gosh, I've been gone for weeks, things have been nuts!" I'm not going to, because for me to not have posted for literally six months to the day (and, no, that wasn't planned), OBVIOUSLY I've had things going on.

Two kids, each starting different new schools (one in kindergarten and one starting middle school) tends to take it's toll on the random time available.  Concerts, conferences, school programs, etc., they all take up a ton of time.  I have also had a bunch of orders, both for retail locations and for the online shop through Etsy... that being said, Happy Christmas! :)

One of the orders that I did during my blogging hiatus was a Yoda hat for a friend of mine.  I've talked about Erin and Abby in the past, and I was delighted to work something up when Erin asked.  Abby is WAY into Star Wars (which is awesome) and Yoda is one of her favorites.  When I was in the process of creating this particular pattern, naturally, I looked around on Ravelry and online first, to see if I could make it easy on myself.  I didn't see anything that I liked enough to buy, so I just decided to do it myself.  The other caveat was that it was fairly close to Abby's birthday, so it needed to be done quickly.

Using less than a skein of Berroco's Comfort Chunky, this is a super fast knit - perfect for the last minute gift - for whatever holiday you may need it for!

The Force You Shall Feel - Yoda Inspired Hat

  • –  1 Skein Chunky Weight (I used Berroco
    Comfort Chunky)
  • –  Size 10.5 Circular Needles
  • –  Size 10.5 DPNs
  • –  Size J crochet hook – if desired (for
    attaching ears) OR a large yarn needle
**To fit an (approximate) 5-8yo**page1image5432
  • –  Cast on 60sts and join to work in the round
  • –  Work 5 rounds in 2x2 ribbing (Should measure about an inch)
  • –  Change to Stockinette (stocking if you're from the other side of the pond) Stitch- work until hat
    measures about 5 inches – or length desired
  • –  Decrease rounds (Change to DPNs when necessary):
    • –  K8, K2tog
    • –  K next round
    • –  K7, K2tog
    • –  K next round
    • –  K6, K2tog
    • –  K next round
    • –  K5, K2tog
    • –  K next round
    • –  K4, K2tog
    • –  K next round
    • –  K3, K2tog
    • –  K2, K2tog
    • –  K1, K2tog
    • –  K2tog
  • –  Break yarn, leaving a tail, weave through remaining sts, weave in ends.

    **Note – the first and last 3 sts of each row will be knit to create garter stitch border**
          –  CO 15sts –leave a long tail for attaching the ears to the hat later – trust me, it's easier to already
              have the yarn there.
          –   R1: Knit across all sts
          –  R2: K3, P9, K3
  • –  Continue these rows until the ears reach about 1.5” in length

    Ear Decreases:
  • –  You may use whichever decrease method you prefer, k2tog, ssk, whatever :) All decreases will be made on the RS. This is more of a guide, than actual pattern at this point. PLEASE read the 3rd section before beginning.
  • –  Decrease Row 1 – K10, K2tog or SSK, K3
  • –  Next row, K3, P8, K3
  • –  Continue making decreases every two or three rows – make sure that they are always on the
    BOTTOM of the ear – so, for one ear, you will do the decreases on the last two stitches before the border, the other ear you will do the decreases on the first two stockinette stitches directly after the border. Otherwise, you'll end up with two of the same ears... which, in the grand scheme of things, isn't that big of a deal – Yoda has weird ears, so...
  • –  Continue in this pattern, adjusting with an extra decrease in a row if you feel like they are getting too long, until you wind up with your border stitches – 6sts remain.
  • –  You can either do a couple decrease rows to make the ears more pointy, or leave them more blunt – there are several different Yoda incarnations, so it just depends on how true to Jedi canon you want to be. Bind off using your favorite method.

    Setting the Ears:
I tend to set my ears a bit toward the back, most people have a greater distance from front of ear to front of ear than from back of the ear to the other back of the ear.
I usually use the center back and just count a few ribbed sections on either side. Ears may be stitched or joined using a crochet hook if you prefer.

Voila! You're done... if it isn't perfect... well, have you SEEN Yoda's head? It's all wrinkly and mottled! Your favorite Star Wars fan will be delighted that you made the effort – especially if it is a kiddo! These ears are NOT designed to stand straight out. There are other patterns you could find for that. These are intended to be more floppy – as they are in the original episodes. If desired, you could always weave a green pipe cleaner in the back of the ear – as long as the recipient knows to remove it when washed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@Kusalaknits), Etsy, Facebook, or good old fashioned e-mail at By all means, please feel free to make for friends, family, charity groups. If you would like to sell products made from this pattern, please contact me prior to listing. This pattern is not to be resold. This pattern is original, any similarity to existing patterns is coincidental and unintentional, and I do not claim any affiliation with LucasFilm, LucasArts, Skywalker Ranch, or Industrial Light and Magic.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Planning for Winter...

Like so many other crafty types, I plan seasons several months in advance. How many armwarmers am I going to need, who am I doing wholesale for, what patterns am I going to do (revise, write anew), which stitches are going to work on bulky yarn? (I love bulky for winter – works up quickly, is super warm, and is usually on sale during the summer months ;))

Another thing I plan is what novelty (read: geeky) items are going to go into the fall line-up. Last year was Tribbles, Pokeballs (these sold ridiculously well at the craft fairs I went to – they'll be back), and Jayne hats. This year, in addition to those, I plan on adding some Yoda hats, more size options for the Jayne hats, and some Boba Fett hats. (I may have just typed two 't's on hat...).

I ALSO have a new baby to knit for!! (NOT mine!) A totally rad couple I know is expecting their first, and visions of how I'm going to alter several adult patterns are dancing in my head!

I am once again trying to buy local, there are several local dyers and farms that I try to support when possible, as well as some local resale shops that ALWAYS have some totally cool buttons for cowls and armwarmers.

What is going to be your focus for winter? Do you have a particular pattern you're going to churn out twelve of?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Support Indie Makers!

Because I hang out on Twitter on a regular basis - probably more frequently than I should, I have met a ton of independent dyers, spinners, knitters, designers and the like.  Two of my favorites are Erica (@FiddleKnits) - and Lee (@Leethal) - or  Erica is from the East Coast, and Lee is here in Portland.  Both have some fabulous designs.  Lee just finished up a mystery KAL (that I am about 15 rows behind on...) and Erica is about to start a gorgeous mystery shawl KAL.  If you'd like to get in on the shawl action... follow the link!  I just purchased her Black Eyed Susie Raglan (as if I don't have enough in progress...) to start for fall.  I like short or three quarter length sleeves - I just wear long sleeved under them anyway and they're less cumbersome with additional layers over them once jacket season rolls around.

Maleficent - Superwash Merino & Nylon Sock Fingering Yarn - Hand Dyed - 462 yards
Maleficent yarn (Image via
Other indie picks are (of course) Knitted Wit, and also Gnome Acres. I recently put a call out for someone to dye me Maleficent yarn - black, dark purple, lime-ish green... She's always been my favorite Disney villain and I was in the mood.  It's going to become fair isle dragon socks! It came out GORGEOUS - and she has so many more cool colors - I'm pretty fairly certain that I need the Aquaman shade as well...

Ahh, the power of the internet... just what every yarnie needs.  More ways to access yarn. ;)  Who is your favorite indie designer? Dyer?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tulip Top... a great summer project!

Latest Finished Project... The Tulip Top

The most recent (as of writing this) project that I have finished was the Tulip Top from Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knits book. I really liked the shaping- and even more so I liked that the tops of the shoulders had a three needle bind off as a seam – I hate seaming, which is odd, as I like sewing in general.

I had a skirt (or three) that I needed a top to match, so I chose a darker, but not quite burnt, shade for orange, with a dark purple trim in the Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool. I really enjoyed working with this particular yarn – had just enough “squish” to it, yet the finished project isn't heavy or bulky.

One major modification that I made to this top was that I didn't work the pattern stitch. Because two of the skirts I was looking to match had a pattern to them, I didn't want anything to compete with that – as my Nip/Tuck top is currently doing with a patterned skirt. I felt that the overall wear-ability of the top would be increased without the novelty stitch. So, I worked it strictly in a stockinette. I did have to frog this top once and begin anew, as I'm a twitcake and cast on the wrong number of stitches. 72 is not the same as 75 – who knew?

When the knitting and the iCord (tee hee... let's turn everything into an Apple product!) was complete, it was small. Like, really small – and I'm a small person. I was frightened... I really was surprised at how much the blocking stretched out this yarn. Not quite doubled in size, but pretty close. It was rather impressive. I'm very happy with the finished product, and now I'm just waiting for the weather to FINALLY turn around so that I can wear it!

I would indeed make this project again. In fact, I have some Aimee in blue sitting around... hmmmm.

Monday, June 25, 2012

All About Brittany... or a Cool Soap Giveaway!

A few weeks ago, okay, it may have been months, I started planning a giveaway to do in conjunction with Brittany Hassell, of Snappy Rockfish Soaps.

The reason for this is summer is coming, people get sweaty, and I prefer people who smell nice as opposed to smelling like Hobo Joe, who just finished his cross country train ride. The other reason is that Brittany is saving up for something really, Really, REALLY cool... a trip to Antarctica! I absolutely love when people have a goal that seems ridiculously daunting to me and are going for it whole heartedly.

Brittany and Artoo
Though we live in the same town, we got here very differently – and from very different places! Brittany lived here in Portland for a few years in the early 2000's, however, left to live in Alaska. She headed back for several reasons... one of them being her boyfriend Jonathan – whom she realized that she “... wanted to actually move in with him and I didn't think I'd kill him.” After working multiple jobs at the same time, she made her way back to the handmade mecca that is Portland.

In the time since, Brittany has finished her Bachelor's in Anthropology (insert awesome Betty White Community reference here), and loves to experiment with different foods – specifically those that are crunch or tomato-y (preferably both), writes for her blog – Pro-Soup Propaganda, read, ride her bike Eleanor, and volunteer with a Portland based group called Friends of Trees, and hang with her totally rad dog, Artoo. If all of this weren't enough, she also works at Mr. Green Beans, a local shop that specializes in unroasted coffee beans, classes on soap, and cheesemaking. Oh. And she makes soap. Really yummy smelling soap. Like, with coffee and chocolate in it, though the grapefruit is my personal favorite!

Corivade Soap
Brittany says, “Your skin is your body's biggest organ, so whatever you put on it is going to get into your body. I like knowing that it (her soaps) doesn't have anything yucky in it and that I'm not supporting chemical companies by using those types of ingredients – such as sodium laurel sulfate.” So what DOES she use in her soaps? Organic ingredients whenever possible! Coconut oil, olive oil, etc., and she colors the soaps with herbs, spices, roots, and uses pure essential oils in all of the soaps.

There are currently a few shops in her native Ketchikan, Alaska that retail her products, however, Brittany is always open to more! Now that her degree is complete, she is excited about new recipes – including formulas for shampoo and facial bars. While she might “have the drawing skills of an eight year old”, she enjoys making soap because it allows her to have a creative outlet with a tangible product that looks and smells nice.

There are several quotes or mottos that Brittany says motivate and guide her, but the one that I think sums her up the best? “You may do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.” - Sidonie Gabrielle Carter.

For a chance to win a bar of Brittany's 'Rain-Dogg' (Beer and Citrus) soap, to be paired with one of my hand knit soap bags made from a natural colored recycled cotton, please leave a comment below... answering the following question: if you had to choose your favorite two scents to be blended into a soap, what would they be and why?

Giveaway Prize!!! One hand knit soap bag and a lovely wrapped bar of Rain-Dogg!

Good luck! The winner will be announced on Saturday, June 30! You can also “Like” Brittany's Facebook page here, or support her Antarctic endeavours here!  ALSO! If you visit the Snappy Rockfish Etsy shop and enter 'Kusala" in the coupon code - you'll get an additional 15% off!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Letter to George Lucas, or An issue of Commerce- er- Common Sense

Dear Mr. Lucas,

I don't know if you actually keep up on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or other social media.  I don't know if you watch the news.  I don't know if you know anyone who crafts like a lot of us do, so let me fill you in (briefly) on an event that happened today... The US Olympic Committee sent a Cease and Desist letter to the founders of Ravelry - an internet community similar to Facebook for knitters, crocheters, spinners, and the like.  The basic statement of their letter was to say that Ravelry needed to change the name of the Olympic themed event that takes place site wide during the games.  Oh, and while they were at it, take down every Olympic themed pattern on the site.

Why? Well, because it would be detrimental and disrespectful to the athletes that had spent their lives training for the Games (not to take anything away from that - I was a college athlete - however some of these individuals have been doing their chosen craft since before some of these athletes were born - so, for their lives). There have been charity projects shut down by both the USOC and the IOC - some, that the athletes were excited about! This was showing them that their countries were behind them - all of their countries.  You see, though based in the US, the site is global and has members from countries around the world.

So, the reason I'm writing this to YOU, of all people, is to say THANK YOU.  You have embraced your fan base. You and the folks at Lucas Arts, Studios, and ILM realize that it is the fans and the families of the fans that create things that, in the long run, only promote the initial product.  I can't imagine a C&D letter coming from your studios to a craft site or a fan site saying that all of the "inspired by" patterns and crafts have to come down because it doesn't directly benefit you financially.  THANK YOU for not having a summer clerk on an internship send a letter to a community of two million people with internet access telling them what they are doing will ruin your franchise.  THANK YOU for understanding that what we create (from what you and your people have created) is because we are showing appreciation and trying to participate in the ways that we can.  THANK YOU for understanding it isn't just about licensed merchandise... and knowing that if we can't create it, we WILL turn around and buy it!

Geeks, nerds, crafters, sci-fi convention goers, we all create costumes, hats, washcloths, etc., we create to participate.  We don't create to try to rip anyone off, or to take away financial support from those who need it.  We create to help our communities, to help each other, to help the school down the road who needs new books and is holding a fundraiser, we create to show we care.

Thank you for understanding that and being supportive of your fans, Mr. Lucas, because in turn, they will support you.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Summer Items Coming to Sugar Me!

I've been absent from the blogosphere for about a month... why? Well, in addition to creating stock for my favorite kiddo shop (Milagros), I've also been busy creating little candy baubles for  Lorajean of Knitted Wit to head to a major industry trade show (I have more ready for you, and will get them to you before you go!), AND I've been working on making new items (and old favorites in some fun colors) for my favorite sugaring boutique - Sugar Me!

Here are a few things that I've been working on:

Some gorgeous crocheted bath poufs in fun summer colors...

A selection of my soap pouches with a small twist - a wrist strap and button as opposed to a hand strap - the wrist straps make for easier hanging!

AND last, but certainly not least, some adorable little bow tie rings.  These are made from super wash merino wool, so even with sweaty summer hands, they are non-itchy and will not felt from wear! Plus, they are washable! These are going to be up on Etsy soon, but you can get them even sooner by heading up to NE Fremont to visit Kate! Not pictured are some beautiful headbands with repurposed buttons - perfect for summer!

Also, pay close attention this upcoming week!  I will be featuring a new GIVEAWAY in conjunction with a fabulous soap-making pal for a bar of her gorgeous soap and a cute little soap bag made from recycled cotton!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hexi Puff Madness/Progress...

A few months ago I succumbed to peer pressure and purchased the ubiquitous Beekeeper's Quilt pattern... and my sock yarn leftovers are slowly dwindling down... which is a great thing! I have about 60 puffs at this point, and my goal is somewhere around 500. Admittedly, I fell off of the bandwagon for about a month and a half, and did a total of about 6 puffs for that month.

ShiBui, Knitted Wit, and Koigu are just a few!
Now, with a semi-renewed zeal for the project, I've been doing about a puff a day (sometimes more), but at least one. I would love to have this done for Christmas, but I'm not going to hold myself to that, merely due to winter craft show and gift making season.

I have used everything from ShiBui Sock and Staccato, Knitted Wit's Bling, some leftover Sanguine Gryphon from Sock Summit, to cheaper stuff like Patons Kroy and Lion Brand sock... Slowly but surely, I'm getting there! I like the portability of this particular project, and it makes for great “Wait for the kids to get out of school while sitting in the pick up line” knitting. I just have to remember to bring the mini fiberfill bag with me. Why yes, I do have a little fiberfill bag... you don't?

I don't want to assemble anything until I have all of the puffs done, and I'm thinking that a Space bag or two may be necessary to complete this particular project. Because I'm using so much random yarn, some of them definitely have more puffs of a yarn colorway than others do. I really don't want the same ones to be close to each other, so I'm thinking waiting is the only way I'm going to be able to go on this.

I'm looking forward to having this one done, but in the meantime, it's perfect mindless TV knitting. I can get a puff done in about half an hour, depending on interruptions, and I have plenty of yarn waiting in the wings to be used!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Giveaway! and Lego Chat

Lego Brick Stitch Markers
I love doing giveaways... yarn and books and needles and notions are so expensive that any time I can help out and help people enjoy what they are doing or helping out by drawing attention to what they are making... it's a great day!

This giveaway will be running over at and will feature a set of my newest stitch markers: Lego Bricks! These little guys are created using assorted Legos (we are very fortunate to have a Lego store in Portland where I can acquire basic pieces without having to spend a huge fortune on them.  I use solid rings so there is minimal snagging on both needles and yarn, and glass seed beads to give them an additional pop of color.

Because I get such a great deal on the Lego pieces, which are normally ridiculously expensive, these sets are only $12 for a set of 7!  If you would like to order them, they are available over on my Etsy site at  If you order a set before Mother's Day, you get an extra bonus beginning of round marker that looks like a little computer - it's extremely cute.  In addition, I also have some little flower Lego markers available too!
Lego Flower Stitch Markers

This giveaway will be up and running shortly, so be sure to check in over there in the next day or so for your chance to win a set, as well as some other great prizes!  Also coming up will be a opportunity here to win some great smelling soap from Snappy Rockfish Soaps!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The top that took forever...

Nip Tuck Top
I'm a fast knitter.  I don't say that in a snotty, "I'm so rad, I can plow through a sweater in three days," kind of way.  It's more of a statement of fact.  For some reason, I can turn on a show, or a podcast, and just knock stuff out.  For some reason, this top seemed to be the exception to this rule.  I saw it a while ago in Stitch n Bitch Superstar Knits, thought it was adorable, ordered the yarn, and went to town.

Knit in the round, with a simple diamond lace pattern, with a wrap and turn sleeve and picked up bib, it isn't hard.  Nor is it complicated, I would even say the pattern itself was pretty easy.  I chose Knit Picks Cotlin for it, and perhaps that is why it seemed to take forever.  I don't normally have an issue with cotton yarns, and it didn't feel hard, but that's the only thing that I can seem to come up with!

Bib Detailing
I love how it came out, the fit is perfect, even before blocking - quite frankly, I'm kind of scared to get it wet!  The navy is a great shade (Planetarium)... so here is the finished product!  The color in the semi-full length shot is more accurate, but I wanted a detail of the bib too!  I'd love to hear some thoughts on why on earth this took me almost two weeks to finish.  This is one of the first times I needed to have a second project going at the same time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Craftiness!

So, back to the normal crafty type posts after yesterday's rants!Lately I have been putting some other crafty type skills to work, and have made a new skirt (as well as planned several more... Spring/Summer are just easier for skirts and they usually fit me better!) So, with a remnant I found at a local fabric store, I made this...The other thing that I've done is create a crafty/work space in our small space. With two kids and all of their (and Dad's) toys... Space for mom's yarn, books, and sewing machine isn't necessarily high on the priority list! So, in preparation for X finally moving out of our bedroom this summer, I went to a certain Swedish furniture store and got a new bookcase and desk. It's small, but adequate for what I need, especially when I finally get it all sorted out! And perhaps when I use up some of that stash...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Controversial (Perhaps) Subject

I have been putting off this posting for a while, knowing that it was one that I really wanted to write, but it  certainly isn't in the vein of most of the posts that I usually do.  I wanted to take my time in the thought stage, but it gets to a point where you can only think about something for so long, and then it has to come out.  Seriously.  If you've noticed, I haven't written much, and I think not being able to write (which usually isn't an issue for me) is having to do with this particular subject.

Most people would LOVE to have the problem that I do.  Really.  That being said, What is a problem, anyway?  Basically, it is an issue or concern that causes someone stress, heartache, worry, fear, etc.  I have been stressing out about my weight since I was eight years old.  Why?  I'm tiny.  I've always been tiny.  I have no problem stating (matter of factly) that I'm 5'6" and weigh about 106lbs.  That's equivalent to about a size 0/1.  I'm not well endowed on my top half and after two kids, I've got some hips.

Again, most magazines, media, whatever you want to call them, would tout my size as "ideal" or "highly desirable".  Me?  I hate it.  I'm constantly berated by women for "conforming to a media image", I'm told to go eat a sandwich, or that I must workout to a ridiculous excess.  I've been getting this since THIRD GRADE.  No little girl should be ashamed of her chicken legs, and NO little girl should be asked if they are anorexic.  I'm embarrassed to take my kids to a pool because of the looks that I get (in my very modest suit).

Quite frankly, it sucks just as badly for me to find clothes that fit properly.  The only things that fit my waist are Juniors bottoms, which don't account for hips.  Things that fit both waist and hip are usually in the women's petite section, however, when you need at least a 30 to 32" inseam, that doesn't necessarily work either.  Tops, same deal.  I'm a mom.  Granted, yes, I'm a younger mom, but that doesn't mean that I want to walk around dressing like a whore because that is what fits me.  I buy size M tops, because they fit decently, without being too short and showing off the underwear you can see over the tops of my jeans, because they're the only ones that fit my hips - the ultralow rise version.  Half the time, I make my own clothes, because then I can customize them to fit me.  I learned how to sew young, specifically for that reason.

I don't understand what being a "real woman" constitutes.  I'm educated, have worked both outside and as a SAHM, I have two kids, bills, computer skills, a small (very small) site where I retail knit goods, I cook, I love comics and dorky things like Sci-Fi... does this make me "fake" or "pretend"?  I thought fake people were the ones that were nice to your face and then turned around and were jerks behind your back.  I understand that certain industries have made an example of my body type.  I get it, I do.  Really.  However, I don't look at anyone in a negative way because of their body type.  I don't look at someone who is "curvy" as less (or more) of a person than someone who is tiny.  It goes both ways.  You respect me and I respect you.  I don't care if you are overweight and eat a Big Mac and a Diet Coke, I might worry about your heart health, but it doesn't make you a bad person to me.  Don't look at me like I don't eat if I order a salad... I usually crave it when I'm dehydrated.  Doesn't mean that tomorrow I'm not going to be downing the quarter pounder.

I eat.  I eat a lot.  Pizza, cake, candy, salad, fish, steak, burgers, chicken, veggies, rice... I like soda, coffee, and tea.  My downfall is that I don't drink enough water.  If you want to get on me about something, remind me to go have a glass, not a sandwich.  We as women, need to get off this trip.  Seriously.  I hate feeling bad about my body, everyone does.  I would LOVE to just be able to go to the store and buy a pair of pants.  In the first store, not the 16th.  We need to remember everyone is designed differently, whether you believe that you were created that way, or if you are a staunch geneticist.  As long as you are healthy... it really shouldn't matter.  We all care about what people think, it's called being self-aware.  It doesn't mean that we all need to be negative to each other... especially those that consider themselves adults.

Alright.  That's my piece.  Tomorrow I go back to crafty writing!  (I hope... there may be something else pent up in there... :))

Monday, April 2, 2012

And the Winner is...

Stitchpunk!!! First items on their way to the Southern Hemisphere! I'll contact you via Twitter for address details!

Thank you everyone for playing! I will be hosting another contest later this month for a different prize!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Contest of 2012!

To celebrate returning to blogging (and I've noticed that I'm not the only one that has been absent from the inter webs...) I'm going to announce my first contest of the year!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, saying what project you are looking forward to this spring.  I will select a random comment to win a set of my handcrafted "Inspiration" stitch markers (image on the left) as well as a small sized (perfect for socks and other small accessories) project bag.

Personally, I have two tops that I'm looking forward to working on, and several pairs of socks!  Comment away and good luck!  The winner will be drawn using a random number generator, and will be selected Sunday night, to be announced Monday morning.  Please include your email address, Ravelry name, or Twitter handle!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to blog posts!

Yippee!  I love my new pretty!  I may or may not be walking around hugging it, patting it, and saying "The precioussssss" :)

In any event, I have taken the time to change a few things!  A new banner both on the Etsy shop as well as here.  After two years of having the same images, it was time.  I know that a lot of people change them on a seasonal basis, but I think that brand image is something that should remain fairly consistent.

After changing some of that around, I went ahead and updated a TON of Ravelry projects, as well as some of the books I've acquired since the last go 'round.  It's at least ten...

This is just a quickie post, and I have plans to sit and write for several hours... right after I finish this sweater...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing in Action... and new technology

While my involvement in the inter webs hasn't gone away in terms of Twitter and Facebook, I have been absent since December from this, my beloved little blog.  Prior to yesterday, I had been using a little Compaq that I have had for nearly six years, or my iPhone.  Writing blog posts via phone is challenging to say the least.  And the computer?  Well, it's battery life was about 12 minutes if it wasn't plugged in.  It made writing difficult, and working at a coffee shop (for peace and quiet) nearly impossible.

Thanks to our fabulous tax return (the husband only claims himself on his pay stuff, so while we get less on each paycheck, it allows us to splurge once a year), we went out and purchased a bright, shiny new MacBook Pro and a new iPad.  This will be so beneficial for all of us, including the kids, as the schools have always been huge proponents of Macs.

Hopefully, this will allow me greater freedom to write in the car, to go to a cafe for an hour and not have to worry about battery life, or losing files, etc.  While it is going to take a little bit to relearn how to use this particular system (and chances are you can expect a series of posts about learning how to unlearn computer stuff), I am excited... it is so pretty :)