Friday, March 23, 2012

Back to blog posts!

Yippee!  I love my new pretty!  I may or may not be walking around hugging it, patting it, and saying "The precioussssss" :)

In any event, I have taken the time to change a few things!  A new banner both on the Etsy shop as well as here.  After two years of having the same images, it was time.  I know that a lot of people change them on a seasonal basis, but I think that brand image is something that should remain fairly consistent.

After changing some of that around, I went ahead and updated a TON of Ravelry projects, as well as some of the books I've acquired since the last go 'round.  It's at least ten...

This is just a quickie post, and I have plans to sit and write for several hours... right after I finish this sweater...

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  1. I am interested in knitting classes, do you hold any? Thanks :) BTW I love your stuff :)


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