Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing in Action... and new technology

While my involvement in the inter webs hasn't gone away in terms of Twitter and Facebook, I have been absent since December from this, my beloved little blog.  Prior to yesterday, I had been using a little Compaq that I have had for nearly six years, or my iPhone.  Writing blog posts via phone is challenging to say the least.  And the computer?  Well, it's battery life was about 12 minutes if it wasn't plugged in.  It made writing difficult, and working at a coffee shop (for peace and quiet) nearly impossible.

Thanks to our fabulous tax return (the husband only claims himself on his pay stuff, so while we get less on each paycheck, it allows us to splurge once a year), we went out and purchased a bright, shiny new MacBook Pro and a new iPad.  This will be so beneficial for all of us, including the kids, as the schools have always been huge proponents of Macs.

Hopefully, this will allow me greater freedom to write in the car, to go to a cafe for an hour and not have to worry about battery life, or losing files, etc.  While it is going to take a little bit to relearn how to use this particular system (and chances are you can expect a series of posts about learning how to unlearn computer stuff), I am excited... it is so pretty :)

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  1. Hee hee! Congrats on your new acquisitions! Are you working on the MacBook or the iPad? I'm wondering what it would be like to blog from an iPad...

    I dm'd you on twitter. Did you get it?


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