Saturday, June 30, 2012

Planning for Winter...

Like so many other crafty types, I plan seasons several months in advance. How many armwarmers am I going to need, who am I doing wholesale for, what patterns am I going to do (revise, write anew), which stitches are going to work on bulky yarn? (I love bulky for winter – works up quickly, is super warm, and is usually on sale during the summer months ;))

Another thing I plan is what novelty (read: geeky) items are going to go into the fall line-up. Last year was Tribbles, Pokeballs (these sold ridiculously well at the craft fairs I went to – they'll be back), and Jayne hats. This year, in addition to those, I plan on adding some Yoda hats, more size options for the Jayne hats, and some Boba Fett hats. (I may have just typed two 't's on hat...).

I ALSO have a new baby to knit for!! (NOT mine!) A totally rad couple I know is expecting their first, and visions of how I'm going to alter several adult patterns are dancing in my head!

I am once again trying to buy local, there are several local dyers and farms that I try to support when possible, as well as some local resale shops that ALWAYS have some totally cool buttons for cowls and armwarmers.

What is going to be your focus for winter? Do you have a particular pattern you're going to churn out twelve of?

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