Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A New Giveaway! and Lego Chat

Lego Brick Stitch Markers
I love doing giveaways... yarn and books and needles and notions are so expensive that any time I can help out and help people enjoy what they are doing or helping out by drawing attention to what they are making... it's a great day!

This giveaway will be running over at http://www.knitluck.com and will feature a set of my newest stitch markers: Lego Bricks! These little guys are created using assorted Legos (we are very fortunate to have a Lego store in Portland where I can acquire basic pieces without having to spend a huge fortune on them.  I use solid rings so there is minimal snagging on both needles and yarn, and glass seed beads to give them an additional pop of color.

Because I get such a great deal on the Lego pieces, which are normally ridiculously expensive, these sets are only $12 for a set of 7!  If you would like to order them, they are available over on my Etsy site at http://www.kusalaknitworks.etsy.com.  If you order a set before Mother's Day, you get an extra bonus beginning of round marker that looks like a little computer - it's extremely cute.  In addition, I also have some little flower Lego markers available too!
Lego Flower Stitch Markers

This giveaway will be up and running shortly, so be sure to check in over there in the next day or so for your chance to win a set, as well as some other great prizes!  Also coming up will be a opportunity here to win some great smelling soap from Snappy Rockfish Soaps!

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