Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Craftiness!

So, back to the normal crafty type posts after yesterday's rants!Lately I have been putting some other crafty type skills to work, and have made a new skirt (as well as planned several more... Spring/Summer are just easier for skirts and they usually fit me better!) So, with a remnant I found at a local fabric store, I made this...The other thing that I've done is create a crafty/work space in our small space. With two kids and all of their (and Dad's) toys... Space for mom's yarn, books, and sewing machine isn't necessarily high on the priority list! So, in preparation for X finally moving out of our bedroom this summer, I went to a certain Swedish furniture store and got a new bookcase and desk. It's small, but adequate for what I need, especially when I finally get it all sorted out! And perhaps when I use up some of that stash...

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