Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Blocks

One of my great loves are free patterns.  I love that other people that are good at math are willing to share their abilities and aptitude with the rest of the knitting community.  So for those of you that do... THANKS!

The project that I'm currently working on is a set of three stuffed, felted, baby blocks.  The pattern I found was plain, so in order to "dress it up" a little, I have decided to take some scrap fabric and turn it into little number appliques for the blocks.  I am really excited to see how these turn out.  I am new to felting, so I HOPE that they work the way that I want them to.

My other great love are my product testers and friends that let me clothe their children in freebies and cover their homes in knit toys - and also use their connections to drum up sales for me, so (especially) Erin Cannon Johnson and Carrie Payton Sham... thank you so much, I love you guys and appreciate you so much! 

I hope to have pics of the blocks up soon!  Until then, keep checking back for updates!

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