Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Patterns...

I know I said I was going to rewrite that pattern for the blocks, however, I think I found one on the Lion Brand website that will work just as well.  (Check the sidebar for the link to their website... lots of surprisingly good free patterns)

I was playing around on their website for a while, and I came across a sweater pattern that I LOVE... I really like Boatneck or semi-boatneck tops, as I have a small frame and chest... this particular type of neckline seems to look best on me, as it doesn't draw attention to my lack of a cup size.  :)  Only problem is that this particular sweater seems slightly advanced for me, but I know if I don't just do it, or at least try it, then I won't make any progression either...  Here is the pic.  Thoughts?  (I'm not sure about the yellow either, I like it on her, but I don't know about it on me)  I am also digging on the longer length at the hip with the shorter sleeves - these things are all handy... especially after having kids - for various reasons.

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