Friday, July 2, 2010


So, at first, I was scared of cables.  It seems as though I am a fan of self doubt, because every time I put off trying something new, as soon as I do it, I say to myself, "hmm.  That wasn't really that bad.  At All."  Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

My first attempt at a cable project was this totally awesome little bib, that I wound up making in several colors for a friend of mine in Virginia.  We were friends when we were six and seven years old and reconnected through Facebook.  (Thanks, guys!) I did these in a few unisex shades, because I think baby blue is boring.  Even if it is for a little boy!  I also figured that she was going to have more than enough newborn goodies to start out with, and I wanted to make something that would be good for a time down the road.

I like how the colorway pooled on the multi-colored one, and how it doesn't necessarily detract from the cable.  Granted, it is easier to see the cable on the solids, but I wanted to do a variety. 
The next project that I've started involves practicing cables.  Lots and Lots of cables.  I'm thinking this winter's collection is going to be involving almost all cables.  :)  Now that I've found a new skill, we'll see how it goes.  I have half of the first hat done... not only involving cables, but also circular needles.  I think I might have a death wish!  This one is done in a simple burnt orange wool, and I'm looking forward to having pics up soon.

Next up: (well, when I get tired of the cables, anyway) SOCKS!  I've been looking at some patterns, and they seem rather daunting.  I think I just have to pick up the DPN's and just dive in.  I can always undo it and start over, right?

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