Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not Holiday Projects... but perhaps something better.

Alright, since the ladies at The Bitter Baking Co. were kind enough to give me a vanity post... I thought I would do the same - I like to share the love.  :)

Not long ago, I was making an Etsy treasury for the zillion pregnant people that I know... okay, maybe not a zillion, but if you look at my feed on Facebook, it certainly seems that way.  I came across these fantastically awesome cookies with fun (and raunchy, and some oh-so-wrong) little sayings on them.  Things about baby daddies, and Twilight halloween costumes, and some others that, well, I'll let you take a look, which I highly recommend, because they're AWESOME - like I said.

Not only do they have the fun and raunchy ones, but they also have their "Sweet Sayings" collection which would be more appropriate for say, your stuffy boss that you know you should get something for, but somehow the "Everyone knows what you do in the Break Room" cookie isn't going to quite work.  AND, they also have partnered with the Camaraderie Foundation  through True Blue Treats which helps troops transition (I really wanted to use re-assimilate, but that sounds like their rejoining society after being a part of the Borg) back into civilian life.  Coming from a military family, I can certainly understand the importance of this particular organization.

Anyhooo, long story short, now we're Twitter friendsies. I can't believe the number of really cool people I have met using Twitter... there will be another post about that next week - and social media in general.  For now, I HIGHLY encourage you to go - NOW (okay, finish reading this first) to their site: and check them out - you can also find them on Twitter, as well as on Etsy.  And just in case you need this one after Holiday break for that really classy girl at the end of the dorm room hall... it's available.  ;)

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