Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Drowning in Custom Orders!

And I like it!  Even though my hands are killing me, I have no time to clean my house, and I'm starting to stress about getting new items up on Etsy... custom orders means that money is coming in!  I got a cool new book the other day with a bunch of patterns for cute little stuffed animals and some AWESOME slippers!

Right now, I'm working on an order for a friend in New York - you'd recognize her from the Kusala logo box on the right.  She was my model from last fall/winter season.  There's a hat, a cowl, a set of foldover mittens, and a viking hat and foldover mittens for her pre-schooler... almost done! I just have the horns left to work on and the linings for the mittens.  I'm thinking these mittens are going to be great Christmas presents for the guys in our families!

Next up: another viking hat for Xavier's speech therapy supervisor and some adorable little doggie jackets!

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