Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sale (a.k.a Where I spent WAY too much money today!)

Waiting, Shopping and Pretty Pretty Yarn
Thanks (or not ;)) to my Twitter pal - @knitluck - I spent money today, and I could have spent a LOT more.  As in I spent just over $70 and I could have easily spent about $500.  Easily.  And been stocked up with yarn for the next two years. 

Where on earth did I spend so much money on YARN?  Well, at a good LYS, that would have been easy.  Really easy, and I would have probably walked out of there with enough yarn for two projects.  I walked out of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts sale today with enough for a sweater for me, a sweater for my oldest son, and about 4 hats - if not more. 

What I Got! 

Located at a super cute B&B (The Scappoose Creek Inn) in Scappoose, OR. (about 20 minutes outside of Portland), the "Barn Sale" started at 10 and lasted just a few short hours.  We arrived at 9:45, and there were already over a dozen people in line, and they had been there for a while.  Rumor had it that at one point, they were throwing out freebies.  Too bad it took forever to get coffee this morning - that could have been me!

Overall, the sale was well organized for what it was - lots of various colored yarns in tons of different weights, textures, as well as some spinning wool.  We only got a few things, but I saw a number of people with what had to have been piles totalling close to two and three hundred dollars.  The people were friendly and let me take pictures, which was really nice of them - not everyone would!

Ethan, his new sweater, and Ibrahim - our awesome Zipcar

We thoroughly enjoyed our drive out in our Zipcar and it was a nice way to spend a rainy morning!  (And now, to finish all of this Christmas nonsense so I can get started on my new sweater!!)

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  1. Oh man!!! I totally wanted to go to this sale. I ended up buying some BMFA sock on ravelry (well and a lot more yarn) last week. Which, reminds me I should have a stash update post up soon.

    Thanks for the mention! Hope you're doing well and have had a fabulous Turkey Day!


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