Saturday, May 1, 2010

Latest Project

What was I working on this week?  Well, I decided since I had a BUNCH of red sparkly yarn left, I would make a coffee sleeve for the parents on my oldest son's baseball team...

This one is one of three different color patterns I did - the others being red, black, red, and also red and black together.  They all came out really super cute, and hopefully everyone will use them instead of the paper wraps that come on the cups at Starbucks or Peet's, or whatever coffee shop you happen to frequent. 

(Side note: the Clackamas Junior Baseball: Midget National Mariners - what a long name! - won their Opening Day Exhibition Game, by a score of 10-7!)

Upcoming projects:  A special wedding present for my soon to be Sister in Law (I can't say anything, just in case she happens to pop over here), and also my little sister's graduation penguin!  I need to do that in two different shades of pink - hopefully the shades that I have are okay, because I would prefer to do it with recycled fiber yarns... and also I have a few more head wraps to do, another couple robots... the list seems to go on and on... as well as some baby leg warmers and a hat for my friend Carrie's little boy - Carrie, I haven't forgotten, I swear!  Not to mention, I found that sweater pattern a while ago that I would really love to get started on!

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