Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up and coming projects...

One of the problems that I tend to have is that I like to make a lot of different things.  I see a cool pattern or a cool picture and I want to try it, instead of finishing the things that I already have going...  after playing around on Ravelry today, I found a sweater vesty thing that I HAVE to have for fall, as well as a cute little shrug thing that I am going to NEED for summer... problem is that I need orders people!!!  :)  Or donations... feel free to PayPal me money.  :)  This is just a short little entry today, as I did a long one about my children's FABULOUS behaviour over at my other blog earlier this morning. 

As far as progress goes, I should finish a robot today, and another couple of coffee cup holders that I just got an order for this morning.  Unfortunately, the order that I got the other day on Etsy fell through (LAME) - she never paid for it... so, I was rather disappointed about that.  I also need to get the special surprise project done for the soon to be sis in law (who, is losing weight right now, and this might complicate things slightly... check out her getting healthy blog here.)

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