Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Two New Finished Projects!

I had a lot of cotton that I wasn't planning on using for much of anything, so what to do... Washcloths!  This cute little set is knit in a checkerboard type of pattern, very simple, but really cute.  And really repetitive!  Yikes.  Here's a pic... These are currently up on my Etsy site...

I really like the Lion Brand Cotton much better than the Sugar n Cream stuff.  It doesn't bleed nearly as much and it really is a lot softer.  That being said though, if you are doing washcloths for the kitchen, I've found that there needs to be a fair amount of ribbing or raised lines in order to get some scrubbing action going.

The other project that I finished was a little newsboy hat, for ME!  It's really cute and I like the way it turned out.  I will say that a friend of mine commented that I kind of looked like Link from The Legend of Zelda in the pic I took... which, really, I'm kind of okay with.  :)  I found the pattern with the intent to make one for my friend Carrie's little boy, but I wanted to practice the pattern and figure out if I needed to make any modifications before I made it for him.  Sure enough... I felt the brim was a little long for the adult version, so I shortened it, and I would also make the body of the hat a little larger - the pattern calls for it to be 5" long before starting the decreases, I think I would probably go for 5.5" or 6" instead - just to make it a little poofier.  :)   For Alex's hat, where you see the buttons on me, there is going to be a little Cowboys star (for whatever reason, his parents are Dallas fans... When I make him Cowboys stuff, I have to pretend that it is really for a Penn State fan, otherwise, I don't know if I could do it... ;)

Next on tap: a cotton market bag for my friend Meghan, which I'm going to go and get the yarn for (hopefully today, if the weather cooperates) and a few more of these hats... I've already had a couple of requests! 

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