Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Putting a Bird on It?

I'm a little late to the Owl party, I'll admit.  That being said, they are still adorable, and so when I had a request from a client to make her daughters (6mo old twins!) little owl hats, I said sure and went in search of a pattern!  After playing around on Ravelry for a while, I found one that I liked and away I went!  I found some great yarn that was a merino, and a fantastic mix of pinks, greys, and a little bit of tangerine... also known as the 'girly without being pastel pink' yarn. 

The pattern can be found here, on the Daisy Cottage Designs blog.  :)

After finishing up on those, Xavier (my four year old) decided that he wanted one as well.  He has been living in the hat, wearing it every day since I finished it, and won't take it off.  His I did in the Bertagna Filati Essenza (which is discontinued, so when I find it, I tend to snag it.)  It is an 80/20 merino/alpaca blend and the colors are great. The grey trim around the edge I did in baby cashmerino, and the eyes are a little wonky. (We'll say I did that on purpose...) I would most certainly make these again - in fact I have green one up on Etsy right now!

I really enjoyed both this pattern, which, though I altered - this is a bulky weight yarn, was a great base to use as a resource.  I like crochet, it goes a crazy ton faster than knitting, and for hats for Xavier, it is perfect.  He tends to run on the warm side, so the "holes" in the crochet act as little air vents, keeping him warm, yet giving air flow to his head.  Win all around. 

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