Monday, November 21, 2011

On updating Ravelry...

First and foremost, I love Ravelry. It is a fantastic resource that the developers have made available, and I would like to thank everyone who advertises for doing so and keeping it a *FREE* resource. The fact that I can find a yarn, its yardage, its weight, and local shops that carry it around me is fantastic. I hate ordering yarn, and prefer to support local shops whenever humanly possible.

I don’t update my Ravelry page that often. I find that I am always a few projects behind. I did take a few minutes the other day to post the Nutkin socks that I just finished (with yarn from Indigo Dragonfly in the ‘Captain Tight Pants’ colorway - see my previous "Socks" post for more info), as well as the vest that I finished as well. However, all of the items that I did for the recent craft fair I did aren’t up. The newest yoga socks, sweaters, and hats that I did for a local boutique aren’t there, and neither is the plethora of armwarmers/fingerless that I did for another shop. I find that if I don’t have the time to post it from my phone, then I rarely update.

I wish I had the option of an app to post my stash as I acquire it, or projects as I finish them. Unfortunately, I have yet to come across an app. It is my understanding that there is one for Android users, however, I have an iPhone… and no Ravelry app. If there is a developer out there reading this… please?  I would (and I’m sure that there are many other knitters out there) love you forever, and ever, and ever!

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