Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Shop Updates!

Let’s face it, as crafty people, the last thing we really want to be doing is spending hours upon hours listing items for the various sites that we sell our wares on. Saturday afternoon/evening, however, that is exactly what I did. I got about half of them up. After about three hours.

I have a ton of new stitch markers, including the ever popular Lego heads, as well as some Pirate themed ones, some adorable hands with little hearts in them, and some basic little ones too with pearls and beads. In addition, I have HANDSPUN cowls (only two!) for only $35 dollars! I am not above shameless self promotion on my blog. :) I haven’t figured out a way to effectively list the TON of project bags that I have available as well, so if anyone is interested, just shoot me a message and I can create a custom listing.
For my lovely Twitter and Facebook pals, enter either ‘Twitter’ or ‘Facebook’ into the coupon code area for an extra 10% off! Also, starting on Black Friday, if you enter ‘PDXETSY2011’ as your code, you will receive FREE SHIPPING!!!

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  1. Those Lego heads are very cute! I think I'd name one Anne, one Katherine, one Buckingham...


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