Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I love my metal DPNs... well, I used to...

For a long time (well, it seems like a long time) I would only use metal DPNs... granted, part of this is due to the fact that they are, well, cheap.  Okay, perhaps inexpensive would be a better word.  Then, one afternoon, I came across a set of Sox Stix on clearance while browsing at Twisted.  Now, clearance for said Lantern Moon Sox Stix was still $16.00.  That's about $10 more than what I would usually pay. 

I tried them, I really liked them.  I liked that they weren't as slippery as the metal needles, and they were nice and short, which meant less laddering on my finished project.  While I still wish that the larger sizes had a sharper point on them, I am in the process of replacing the DPNs that I currently have with wooden or bamboo versions.  I would LOVE to buy all of them from Lantern Moon, I think they have a fabulous thing going on over there, however, they are a little out of my price range, unless I can find them on sale.  I have found that I also like the ones from Crystal Palace, and I've also gotten a set of the Hiya-Hiyas.
A selection of needles from Lantern Moon

I still have my metal ones, just in case I need an extra set, but I think I've been converted!  :)

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  1. Welcome to the world of Lantern Moonies! I love my ebony needles; they make me knit happy.


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