Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giveaway, schmivaway...

As of late, I've noticed that a lot of my Bloggy/Twitter pals have been doing some giveaway action.  I sponsored one through a client, however, I think I'm going to branch out and offer something through here... This leaves me in a quandary though... what to give away?  Something I've already made?  Something custom?  Usually, I will do something custom, but at this point I have SO many projects already lined up that I'm not sure...

That being said... what would you like to win?  I'm going to post THREE options and the rules are going to be as follows... 1) In the comments, pick one of the three items 2) why you chose that item 3) a random fact about yourself.

Here are the options:
1) A cute little crocheted sunglasses case with a fun button closure in cream organic cotton
2) A mini market tote in random bright colors
3) A set of two reusable coffee wraps in lime green and purple cotton (also with fun button detail!)

I will be closing the giveaway at the end of this weekend - June 5th, and will be drawing the winner using on Monday the 6th.  Good luck and I can't wait to learn fun random things about all of you!!


  1. 1)#3
    2)a nice useful thing to have
    3)recently moved to Houston, TX

  2. Fun random thing about me: I constantly make up new words for songs which fit my current situation. When I'm upset with someone... I sing a familiar song (or so people think) but I insert my words into it. If I'm happy... same thing. Doesn't matter the mood, often my own words are in recognizable tunes. I guess it started when I was young and playing an instrument. As I would play my own words would travel through my mind.

    I love the idea of a mini market tote. Love-love love!

  3. How fun!
    1. I love the idea of #1
    2. I have 2 pair of sunglasses and I am always losing them in my purse.
    3. I am a California girl living in NY.

  4. #2
    I love totes of all kinds
    I have a flip flop addiction

  5. #2
    Love a new bag by my dear friend
    Addicted to flip flops

  6. 1) #3
    2) because the Starbucks coffee wraps are so boring!
    3) sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with one of my arms sticking straight up in the air.

  7. 1) I'd choose the sunglasses case
    2) The case that came with my sunglasses recently broke and now I'm working really hard to keep them from getting scratched
    3) Sometimes I struggle with telling right from left...I check my hands to see which makes an L with my thumb and pointer finger to remind me

  8. I would choose the mini mart tote. It would be great for my weekly trips to the farmers market. I went to school to get a degree in Criminal Justice but is a fashion designer and now do neither one and work at my favorite cloth diaper store.

    Annette Robertson

  9. 1. Sunglasses case
    2. I LOVE this idea and never have seen anything like it. It would be perfect for my 1023 pairs of sunglasses that always end up getting scratched.
    3. I overcame my fear of insects by rearing, mating, and dissecting flies in grad school. The flies got their revenge by infesting my house 2 summers later with some sort of freak fly outbreak. Thankfully my cat Icarus is a master fly-catcher.

  10. #2, because a tote is always something that comes in handy when you have kids and a bunch of stuff to carry. And a random fact about myself...I sometimes pretend I am a rock star!

  11. Kathy O'ConnorJune 5, 2011 at 4:23 AM

    1. #1-Sunglass Case
    2. This is such a cute idea and I am always looking for new ways to hide my sunglasses from my soon to be one year old.
    3. Random fact about me is that I am most relaxed when cleaning or doing yard work. Pulling weeds is the best...I know, crazy.

  12. 1) #1 2) Because I love the beach and I love sunglasses, don't you? They make you look so mysterious. 3) I get horribly uncomfertable when people rub their hands together!


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