Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stitch Markers

Why on earth would you use these little circle-y things that hang down on to your work and get in the way?  Why not just use the little plastic ones that cost $0.99 at the local craft store?  Well, because they aren't fun... duh... :)

Here are some pics of the ones that I've made recently... they are available for purchase at http://www.jeniferrank.etsy.com/ so feel free to head over there and pick some up for yourself or a pal!  ;)  I will probably do a tutorial later this summer on how to make them, but I think I want to do a few shawl pins first and then I'll do a combo tutorial for both of them.

I like making them because it still feels like I'm doing something that is "Knitty productive, but it gives my hands a little bit of a break from actually knitting.  Carpal tunnel syndrome bites and I don't want to wind up not being able to knit anymore.  Filed under: things that would also bite... :)

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