Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lion Brand Projects

So, as much as I love shopping at my LYS (any one of the 6 that I frequent) there is a Michaels about 3 minutes away from my house and, well, they have coupons.  One of the ways I keep my prices low is that, well, I'm kind of... cheap.  Okay, let's rephrase that.  How about thrifty?  I am always on the look out for a great deal - even when I am shopping at an LYS.  (I can say that all of my Christmas presents are either handmade or from local merchants).  The reason that I like the Lion Brand line of products is because while on the inexpensive side, they are also good quality.  That allows me to create some pretty cool stuff, while not breaking the bank.

Two of the projects that I have been working on this week have been a set of French Press Knit's Felted slippers and also a scarf for a repeat client who I went to Junior High and High School with.

Project number one... French Press' felted slippers.  Very rarely do I pay for individual patterns - I'll go and get a book that has something similar in it instead, but this one (and it's great reviews) got me.  It's super fast to knit up, and looks like it took forever!  I'm not the world's greatest (or most experienced) felter, but even for me, these came out pretty good!  Unfortunately, I'm a dingbat and forgot to take a "All the way done, with the button, and non-slip stuff on the bottoms" picture... but, here's the process shots!

Strings tied to the front, and a different one tied to the left slipper
I used the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in the solid brown, but I think that any of those colors would have looked great.  I really like how this particular product felts up, and really, the whole felting process only took about 20 minutes.  Total estimated time on this project?  About three and a half hours.  TOTALLY worth the seven dollars I paid for the pattern!

The second project of this week (so far - welcome to Christmas crafting, right?) is this totally cute scarf.  I had a version of this up on Etsy last winter with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Autism Speaks.  This year, I'm doing something a little bit different and making a bunch of goodies for an organization called "Warmth for All".  In any event, these particular scarves are made from the Lion Brand Homespun collection.  I like this particular yarn because it is soft, and because it is a synthetic, it has very easy care guidelines.  This scarf is created using a seed/moss stitch as the base and has a cable running along one side to give it an asymmetrical detail.  Slightly cooler than just your basic scarf, but not crazy difficult to accomplish either.  I will be putting this up as a pattern later this week.

Cable detailing

So, in the meantime... I still have several knit projects left to finish before the big day.... however, right now, I'm off to spend some time with my sewing machine making some bags for another sister in law's family...

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  1. Love your work Jen! And so glad we reconnected!


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