Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Other Projects... Non Christmas (i.e. FOR ME!)

Since the holiday rush is done and over at our house... I got everything done a week before Christmas!  Yippee for me!  Now, I've decided to take the rest of December and make things for me (and maybe a couple Etsy quickies... the shop is pretty bare).  There are a few things that I have been planning for a while that I just haven't gotten to.  I have a few custom orders waiting in the wings, but they know I'm taking two weeks for me.  :)  It helps when they are your aunt and a friend you've had for almost a decade!

Okay, so I needed some new jammies pretty badly. I usually buy them about once every five years or so... yeah, really.  This time though, instead of blowing $30 on one set of the Nick and Nora ones that I love, I went and found these two AWESOME fabrics at JoAnn's.  Not the gnomies I was trying to replace, but I am totally okay with Superman and  some little owls.  This way I have either Super awesome dreams about being a superhero... or I pay homage to my favorite owl, Hedwig!  :)

And now the exciting news:  MY FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS!  I've been knitting for almost ten years, but only seriously for about the last three or four. I've been really impressed with how far I've come along, but for some reason, socks just seemed really daunting to me.  I'm glad I found the pattern I did.  It made sense, was simple, and was also forgiving.  It called for a size two needle, I only had a three, and it came out just fine.  :)  (I, of course, then promptly went out and got the twos for my next sock project, that is currently in progress)

Rarely do I actually use the yarn that the pattern calls for, let alone in the same colorway, but this one actually turned out to be an easy pattern that was advertised on the label... go figure.  Anyway, these were done with the Red Heart Heart and Sole with Aloe in Razzle Dazzle.  A self striping and self patterning yarn, these went a lot faster than I was expecting and I am thrilled with the results... I love funsie socks.  :)

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