Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Seemingly Endless Process

Okay, not necessarily endless... I just get impatient easily.  My latest project is something actually for me.  I went into Knit Purl last weekend thinking I would get a nice, neutral charcoal for this particular project... I'm thinking an all around sweater for khakis, jeans, black pants, grey pants, etc.  What did I walk out with?

Image via
This lovely worsted weight, kettle dyed Malabrigo yarn.  It's beautiful, with shades of greys and purples and blacks... not what I went in for, but it was SO pretty in the twisty ball, and then as it was wound I could see all of the color variations...

In any event, the sweater pattern that I am working is from and it is their "Radiant Sweater."  I like this particular pattern because I'm rather small chested, and boat neck sweaters seem to do better on me, as they bring the eye to my face as opposed to the decollete...

Currently, after working on this for three days, I have both sleeves and a little less than half of the body done.  As much as I like the pattern and the yarn, the endless rounds of stockinette are killing me.  I'm trying really hard to stay focused, but sheesh!! 

OH!  And here's an image of the actual sweater... with that, I'm back to the rounds... and some Castle reruns.  I love Nathan Fillion. :)

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