Saturday, September 25, 2010

Blocking... and waiting.

Recently, I discovered blocking.  No, not running around with the kids, building towers and knocking them down, though that is a great thing to do while wool is drying ;)

Problem with blocking is that I don't have a blocking board, don't have room for a blocking board, and I don't have blocking pins.  Even if they SAY that it's okay to get them wet, I still have an issue putting metal into something that is wet/damp.  That being said, I DO have an Ikea drying rack and lots of clothespins... so this is what I came up with:
It seems to work pretty well, I just have to be careful on the ends, or I get a ripple effect. This week, also, I've been cramming to get everything done for the big Etsy shop re-vamp for fall/winter, but I took some time out to head up to the Lantern Moon warehouse sale.

I found a totally awesome straw knitting bag, marked down to $12!  It's bright yellow, with some dye uneveness - why it was marked down, but really, I like it that way.  It adds character.  I also got a gorgeous mini-needle roll.  I needed a separate one for my DPN's.  That being said, I always lose track of which set of DPNs is which.  I came up with this plan:  I have a bunch of beads and earring wires, so I threaded the number of beads for each set of DPNs on to separate wires, and voila!  I really like how these came out, and this way I can keep track of which is which without is being totally obnoxious - like keeping the numbers from the packaging. ;)  Here's the finished product after I attached them to the needle roll.  Looking back, I probably should have just done them in complementary colors to the fabric, but I like the colors... easier to count the beads!

Cute, huh?  I like it.  :)  Back to a super cute baby sweater, and some washcloths for my little sis who just left for college!  I remember it was always fun to get random packages in the mail!

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