Monday, September 26, 2011

Opportunities with other Knitters

One thing that I haven’t done before (although I keep saying that I want to…) is do test knitting or sample knitting. Especially for local shops or individuals whose product or business model I really respect or believe in. I’ve been approached several times, but there was really no follow through. I was told, “Oh, I’ll email you” or “I’ll give you the (insert pattern, yarn, whatever, here) the next time you’re in” and it never happened. Kind of disappointing!

his past month, I volunteered to do a few items for Lorajean of Knitted Wit, here in Portland. She’s a total sweetheart, with two adorable little munchkins, and makes gorgeous yarn. I picked up one skein of her fingering/sock weight at Sock Summit in a beautiful sunshiny (and did I mention that it has sparkles?!?!?!) yellow and I am still undecided on what pattern to use it with, as I don’t want to wreck such a pretty yarn with the wrong pattern!

She had me do a Virginia Cowl with a gorgeous aran weight MCN in a blue-grey color… I didn’t want to give it back. (Seriously) Soft and pliable, this yarn slid along the needles like none other that I have used - even some of the straight cashmere yarns that I have worked with.  Little to no splitting, and it should block very easily.  I really think that the reason I got it done so quickly is because it was so incredibly easy to work with. And next up is the ‘Love Letter’ sock in a fingering weight of the same type of cashy wool… OMG. I don’t think I will want to part with that either… she's KILLING me!

You can find her shop here, at Knitted … and go buy things! Totally worth it… and you’re supporting a rad chick too.

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