Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Exciting Autumn Season!

A return to Sugar Me is first on this list of exciting things for late September/early October! Kate has requested the ever popular fingerless mitts make a return, so I have been furiously working on those, as well as stockpiling other random yarns I’ve been finding for her next order! Everything from classy and simple to bright and loud to little owls, I’m expecting the first run of these to go pretty quickly… as they tend to! Hopefully some cowls and some more armwarmers will make an appearance during November and December as well. Due to the increase in materials cost, however, these are going to be going up in price slightly, but I don’t want to lose my core ideal of keeping things affordable. Handmade is a luxury, but I don’t want it to be ridiculously priced!

Second, I am so thrilled to announce that I will be entering into an awesome children’s boutique on NE 30th/Killingsworth called Milagros! Milagros is well known around the Portland area, and they are going to be carrying my little baby yoga/learning to walk socks, as well as some baby sweaters and hats for the fall/winter season! More pictures and such to come as things get closer to the delivery date (only two weeks away!) to the shop. I am very excited for this, as Milagros has the reputation of being a quality shop, focused on environmentally friendly, and quality products – both locally handmade, and also from companies with the same values!

So excited for things to come!

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