Thursday, August 5, 2010

A few weeks later...

A few weeks ago, I had written that I was nervous about writing my own patterns.  Well, I can't say that I have overcome that... not even close.  SO.  Instead of worrying about that, I decided to start with something a little easier.  I have managed to convert a fairly simple free cabled hat pattern from Bernat to a "knit in the round" pattern.  It is coming along pretty well, and I'm hoping to have it done tonight.

I have begun enlisting the Kusala legion... I have discovered a loyal fan in Pittsburg who has ordered several things from the Etsy site, as well as enlisting a custom order from me - for two hats!  Those were completed last week and received today!  They love them and I am very excited to have fans across the country. 

I have also been working on some designs... i.e. I take patterns and modify them to make them mine... :)  and I have come up with this cute little cabled pull through scarflette...  It is PERFECT for when you are chilly at work, but can't have the length of a full on scarf to get in the way of typing or writing.

One of my goals is to get put in a few more shops.  I made a connection with a knit shop in North Portland the other day about the cool end stoppers that I had made, and I need to see how that is going to pan out... I need to email her.

I'm working on the Fall/Winter collection for Etsy and hopefully will have more pics to post soon!

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