Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter and Portland

I love Harry Potter... We have several traditions in our family regarding the Wizarding World. The books started when my sister was little and they always came out right around her birthday. When she was old enough, I started taking her to the midnight releases at the bookstores.

When the last few movies have come out, my oldest son has been old enough to come to the midnight shows with us. Last summer, before Deathly Hallows, Part One came out, he had to read all of the books- and he did it! This past Halloween he went as The Boy Who Lived, and I am delighted to report, he wore his robes to the movie premiere.

Unfortunately, my hat was crushed in Halloween storage, so I had to settle for just a t-shirt... And my spiffy twenty(ish) minute Gryffindor coffee sleeve. Living in Portland, we have Starbucks in the majority of our movie theatres... Awesome, right? :)

So, here is the quick little coffee sleeve pattern I came up with on Thursday afternoon:

Sz (US) 8 dpns
Worsted weight yarn in your favorite House colors

-CO 30 sts - divide 10 per needle
-Work main color in stockinette stitch (knit every round) for 8 rounds
-Switch to contrast color, work in stockinette for 6 rounds, carrying MC along. After 6 rounds, break contrast color
-Picking up MC, knit one round even.
-R2- *K4, K2tog, K4* repeat this sequence on each needle.
-R3-7 knit even
-R8 - BO

And that's it! Weave in your ends and you have a stylin' way to represent your favorite House, Team, School, etc.

(disclaimer: there are lot of coffee wrap patterns out there, this was made up on the fly sitting at my table. Similarities are coincidental. Please use this pattern all you want. Should you want to sell items from it, please contact me at kusalaknitworks @

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