Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yeee Hawwww!

One of the projects I was working on at the same time as the custom sweater was a little holster set.  I have a three year old who is OBSESSED with pirates and now, cowboys.  We had bought him a little cowboy gun set that came with a plastic holster set.  It tore.  Shock.  So, instead of sewing on my poor, tired, in desperate need of a tune up, sewing machine, I decided to felt.

I've only felted a few times previously, so I wasn't necessarily sure how this was going to come out.  I used a fairly large needle size, as well as two strands of the Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool for this project... I had a TON left over from the previous felting endeavour.  I basically knit rectangles and a belt, felted them down, added some craft felt for the stars and blanket stitched the edges.  We then found a SWEET belt at a local thrift shop, took the buckle off, and attached it to the felted belt... it even had a cowboy on it.  Score.

End result:  a new, very stylish holster and belt that he won't take off!  The pattern is available for purchase on my Etsy site, here.

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